Rolls-Royce Ghost series II unveiled at new York motor show

The Rolls-Royce Ghost series II is a “discreet and considered update of this iconic car’s exterior appearance”. If any other automobile manufacturer did something similar, it would be called a ‘facelift’ but this is Rolls-Royce. 
The Ghost was launched in 2009 billed as the ‘baby Rolls-Royce’ and designed to nestle below the imperious Phantom in the famous British brand’s small but ultra-exclusive model range. By offering the Rolls-Royce experience for ‘only’ £200,000, the more compact Ghost has been a major driving force behind the brand’s recent growth and its manufacturer chose the 2014 new York motor show to reveal a comprehensively refreshed version of the luxury saloon to keep that momentum going.
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The changes are subtle as you might expect. new daytime running lights adorn the LED headlights at the front above re-sculpted bumpers designed to produce a wider, sportier look. The bonnet has also been tweaked with a strong “wake channel” running from the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy statute back to the base of the windscreen. more paint and wheel options increase the mind-boggling personalisation potential of the car.
Inside, the Ghost’s all-encompassing front seats now have extra electrical adjustments and the rear seats have been rearranged so it’s that bit easier to hold a civilised conversation in the back. Tweaks to the stunning central dashboard clock will go unnoticed by all but the biggest Roll-Royce aficionados, or those in possession of the press release, and there’s yet more ways to boost the incredible amount of wood and leather on show via the options list.

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