Copart presents Webinar on exactly how to get the most Out of Your membership

A Copart membership opens up numerous different type of chances for numerous different type of people. Our platform provides so numerous choices it can be a bit overwhelming to even seasoned car buyers. So we just recently produced a webinar to instruct both new users the basics, as well as experienced users advantages they may not be completely enjoying.

The program covered a range of topics including:

Different types of Memberships & Their Benefits
Complying with Licensing as well as Documentation Requirements
The numerous methods to assess cars sold on the Copart Platform
How to translate the symbols Copart uses Throughout Our Platform
The Dos as well as Don’ts of Importing & Exporting Vehicles
Bidding methods & other purchasing Options
Different types of Sales
Available Mobile apps & What They Do
Payment Options, Terms & Requirements

The webinar was developed to provide English-speaking members a well-rounded comprehending of exactly how to make the most of their Copart membership whether they want to purchase a vehicle for personal transportation, discover a restoration project, obtain cars to sell, or discover autos to utilize for parts.

You can view the webinar below. If you have any type of extra concerns on these or any type of other topics, please get in touch with member Services.

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