Ariel exposes Atom authorities cars and truck

Ariel has released a one-off authorities version of its trackday car, the Ariel Atom, complying with a tie-up between itself, the Avon as well as Somerset Constabulary as well as the safer Rider campaign.
The Ariel Atom PL is based on the routine Atom 3.5R, however its Honda engine has been modified to create 350bhp instead of the common 245bhp, meaning the authorities Atom will go from 0-62mph in 2.6 seconds. It likewise features a authorities livery plus working sirens as well as blue lights.
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Ariel will introduce a motorbike later this year, as well as business director Simon Saunders stated he had – like other manufacturers who have likewise lent their cars and trucks to the authorities to highlight road security – got the business included with the Somerset-based safer Rider campaign to raise understanding among motorcyclists about road safety. 
“Our business is about going fast, extremely fast, however there is a time as well as a place,” stated Saunders. “The Atom is designed to be driven to a race track, where you can drive to your limits in security as well as in a expert atmosphere designed for the purpose. The road truly isn’t the location to check out your or your vehicle’s limits.
“We’re just about to introduce an all new Ariel motorcycle as well as we want our bikes as well as clients to be as risk-free as they potentially can be as well, so this message is important to us. There’s always one specific loser in a motorcycle collision as well as that’s the motorcyclist.”
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