Q by Aston Martin unveils a pair of special DB11s

considering that it began in 2012, Aston Martin’s bespoke customisation service, ‘Q by Aston Martin’, has been trotting out incredibly luxurious, bespoke versions of Aston Martin designs for clients with the money to pay for them. the current two commissions being added to its portfolio are the Henley royal Regatta DB11 Volante as well as the DB11 traditional motorist Edition. Needless to say, they take the already luxurious DB11 to new heights of opulence.
Henley royal Regatta DB11 Volante 
The Henley royal Regatta DB11 Volante is commissioned as a one-off to mark Aston Martin’s on-going partnership with the Henley royal Regatta. This special edition Volante complies with on from last year’s Henley royal Regatta DB11 Coupe, as well as according to Aston Martin, it takes motivation from the Regatta’s “fusion of innovation as well as tradition”. 
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The White stone exterior of the Henley royal Regatta DB11 Volante is contrasted with a black convertible hood, forged gloss black diamond turned wheels as well as dark anodised brake callipers. Finer details include smoked taillights, dark exhaust finishers as well as carbon fibre features. 

Inside, the special edition DB11 is trimmed in Red Oxide Caithness leather as well as technical carbon fibre, which features stainless steel crossed oar themes as well as hand-painted pale blue accents. The DB11 Volante achieves 0-62 in a fast 4.1 seconds, with a top speed of 187mph.

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