UK fuel shortage questions: will Russia’s isolation interrupt UK petrol supply?

While UK fuel costs have rocketed complying with Russia’s war on Ukraine, we’ve so far been spared fuel lacks at UK petrol as well as diesel pumps. In a move to try as well as assurance supplies as the dispute continues, PM Boris Johnson is satisfying rulers of oil creating specifies in the middle East, in an effort to convince them to boost production. 
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Talks will include a satisfying with Saudi Arabia’s ruler Mohammed bin Salman, despite criticism from some quarters that Saudi human rights abuses make Western nations’ reliance on Saudi oil as morally doubtful as the present reliance on Russia under president Vladimir Putin.

UK petrol as well as diesel prices: 5p tax cut means just 3p off at the pumps

“We’ve got to get ourselves off Russian hydrocarbons,” Mr Johnson told a sky news reporter. “They’re a large part of the worldwide market for hydrocarbons, assisting to drive the price.
“We requirement to talk to other producers about exactly how we can move away from that dependence. Vladimir Putin over the last years has been like a pusher, feeding an addiction in Western countries to utilize hydrocarbons. We requirement to get ourselves off that addiction.”
Could fuel rationing happen?
As the Ukranian dilemma continues, the spectre of diesel rationing might be on the cards within weeks, at least according to some in the oil industry. Analysts who were quizzed on 14 March by MPs from the Treasury choose committee included Dr Amrita Sen from research study business energy Aspects. She stated its professionals believed the oil cost might quickly increase by 50 per cent and, without any type of intervention by the government in the type of reduced fuel duty, that might mean petrol costs going as much as £2.40 a litre. 
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