This is the car interior of the future, according to Mercedes

Driverless cars will not require ‘conventional’ interiors, as Mercedes has verified with a sketch and rendering showing its luxury interior of the future.
As the idea of fully autonomous motoring becomes closer to reality, a lot more makers are starting to think about the implications it will have on interior layouts and design.
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Mercedes has been investing heavily in autonomous technology, with the self-driving Mercedes S-Class Intelligent Drive demonstrated earlier this year, as well as the ‘Future truck 2025’ driverless lorry. but it has now turned its attention to the somewhat overlooked area of autonomous car interiors.
This virtual preview of a luxury car interior will be appearing as a concept at the consumer electronics Show in Las vegas in January. At the moment, it is a 360-degree virtual experience, on display at the WWT TECday technology showcase in California.
Dr Herbert Kohler, head of corporate research at Daimler AG, claims the new interior embraces the motorist’s negated role in driving, and “opens up new ways in which people can make the best use of their time on the road”.
The essential feature is the variable seating system; four rotating lounge chairs allow passengers to sit face-to-face, but can swiftly be turned to bring their attention back to the road when required, with the help of an extendable steering wheel.
The concept uses the idea of a “digital living space”, allowing occupants to interact with the automobile using gestures or touch displays. It can even detect surroundings, displaying information about nearby buildings, pedestrians or other road users.
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