New Morgan very 3 revealed as Ford-powered 3 Wheeler successor

Morgan is bringing its renowned 3 Wheeler into the modern age with this: the very 3. The new car swaps the previous version’s V-twin motorcycle engine for a 1.5-litre three-cylinder Ford engine with practically 50 per cent much more power, and it’s the first ever Morgan built using a monocoque chassis. The very 3 is on sale now in the UK – prices start at £41,995 for the base car, although an comprehensive customisation programme could easily inflate this figure. 
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The previous 3 Wheeler was characterised by its snorting V-twin motorcycle engine, but stringent emissions policies made it infeasible to continue with such a powerplant. As a result, Morgan has adopted a 1.5-litre three-cylinder from Ford for the very 3, which has dictated much of the new, ground-up design.

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While the teardrop shape, spindly tyres and exposed mechanicals are familiar, the very 3 has been modernised in certain areas with smoother, concave body surfacing and aerodynamically-optimised 20-inch wheels. Of course, the front-mounted v-twin engine is conspicuous in its absence, too, with the very 3’s cast aluminium structure on show in its place. 
The motorcycle engine was air cooled, and the new water cooled Ford unit has necessitated fitment of radiators on either side of the body. Morgan’s designers have embraced these as design features, by fitting large rectangular side blades behind the front wheels to house them. These can be used to mount luggage racks for longer road trips, and contrasting colour side blades with additional decals are available too. 

Instead of the 3 Wheeler’s large side-mounted exhaust system, the very 3 features a neater ‘exhaust cannon’ cutting through the rear of the bodywork. A new windscreen (available with a yellow tint) has also been fitted for less buffeting at speed, although buyers can do without it and don a pair of goggles instead. 
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