The Karlmann King is the world’s most costly SUV

A typical complaint among vehicle fans is that all SUVs look the same. however when it comes to the restricted run Karlmann King, nothing might be further from the truth. based on a Ford F-550, the Karlmann King is designed by Chinese business IAT as well as developed by a team in Europe, with the aim of offering a “stealth” vehicle that provides “an unmatched visual feast”.
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We’ll leave you to choose on exactly how much of a visual feast the Karlmann King is, as well as on just exactly how ‘stealthy’ it looks, however the angular exterior has drawn comparisons with the Batmobile belonging to DC Comics’ Batman.
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At almost six metres in length, the Karlmann King tips the scales at 4.5 tonnes, although optional bulletproofing lifts this figure to a mighty 6,000kg.

Under the bonnet lies a 6.8-litre V10 left over from Ford’s F-550, although this is stated to have been fettled to create something in the region of 395bhp. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox, with four-wheel-drive as well as air suspension front as well as rear.
Despite the additional power from the V10, it isn’t sufficient to overcome the Karlmann King’s tremendous kerbweight, with a top speed of just 87mph possible in the vehicle. This makes it slower than a bog basic Dacia Sandero, as well as with a reported starting cost of £1.56 million, you might pay for a fleet of 260 Sanderos while having modification to spare.
That said, the opulence of the interior is a sight to behold. The ceiling features starlight headlining akin to that discovered in the Rolls-Royce Phantom, as well as the high-end leather seating can be integrated with a variety of bespoke colour schemes.
Features include independent air con front as well as rear, a coffee machine, neon lighting, a flat screen TV, electric tables, air purification as well as a fridge, to name however a few. all of the electric features can be managed via an in-car app. entertainment includes a Hi-Fi noise system, a PlayStation 4 as well as phone projection, with satellite TV offered as an option.
Displayed at the Dubai worldwide motor show last year, it has been reported that IAT will develop fewer than a lots Karlmann Kings, although we’re yet to hear if the SUV’s entire production run has been accounted for.

What do you believe of the Karlmann King? Does it strike the elegant Lagonda Vision idea out of the water?

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