MPs U-turn on plans to restrict novice chauffeurs at the wheel

The government has abandoned the concept of putting security limitations on recently qualified young drivers, car reveal has learned. 
The relocation comes in spite of a new RAC foundation poll showing strong public support, in addition to Government-funded research study exposing exactly how such limitations might save 430 lives a year.
Instead, it’s been chose so-called graduated licensing would “restrict freedoms”. David Davies, head of the parliamentary road security lobby PACTS, told car Express: “I’ve spoken to officials who’ve stated it’s not going to happen. We’re certainly disappointed.” 
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• new vehicle sales up 10 per cent in very first six months of 2014
Under the original proposals, recently qualified chauffeurs under 24 years of age dealt with a night-time driving curfew, a cut in the number of young passengers they might bring as well as lower alcohol limits. almost one in eight road casualties includes a chauffeur aged 17-19, while a new RAC foundation poll shows two-thirds of adult chauffeurs supported the changes.
But in spite of strong support from MPs as well as road security groups, the government has backed down from publishing the ‘green paper’, originally guaranteed for last spring, which kicks off the process for the modifications to ended up being law. 
“The present government has consistently guaranteed a eco-friendly paper on young chauffeur security as well as consistently failed to create it,” stated professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation. “If this was any type of other area of public health and wellness policy, there would be an outcry.”

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