COPART payments are now accepted in MoneyGram®

Did you know? Now
You can pay your Copart vehicles using MoneyGram!

You do not have to wait in the row for
Pay in your regional location of Copart. Instead, save time visiting one of
the over 25,000
MoneyGram locations in the United States and follow these four
Simple steps:

1. Have your account number (composed of
your buyer number and at least one vehicle batch number) and the code
Reception of Copart (17170).

2. Carry out cash or debit card
any moneygram branch to cover the payment of your vehicle and
Appropriate rates

3. Important:
Allow two business hours to process the payment, then log in to to assign funds.

4. Once the funds are assigned,
Schedule the transport or visit the location of Copart to pick up your vehicle.

Of funds

The assignment of your funds is a step
Important in the payment process of MoneyGram. By assigning funds, it is
Indicating how your payment must be applied to which vehicles. Payment is not complete
and the vehicle can not be released until the funds have been assigned.

The video below to know how to assign funds at

Learn more about the Copart MoneyGram payment option>

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