‘Formula E could be on course for victory in its battle with F1’

If you’re based in Britain – or take pleasure in easy access to it – you don’t know how lucky you were in July 2021. credit scores where it’s due; when in the ideal mood, Blighty knows how to put on a show, and over three epic July weekends the UK staged three of the greatest shows on earth. These were the wonderful Goodwood festival of Speed, the born-again British Grand Prix, and the lively London E-Prix. think of them as quintessentially British, world-class occasions for petrol-heads, hybrid-heads, and electric-heads. in that order. 
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But can this trio continue to do every year on the world stage that’s enjoyed by untold millions? In the short to medium term, yes. but predicting additionally ahead, I concern one member of the threesome may be in danger of disappearing up its own you-know-what.

New tiny electric Pacesetter revealed as safety automobile for formula E

At first glance, the most likely to fall offstage is Goodwood; it has a politically incorrect and substantial appetite for old-fashioned petrol, diesel and oil. Wrongly, these old-school products are nearly being discarded in the same league of shame that’s rightly occupied by true evils such as illegal drugs. but all the while the 11th duke of Richmond and his family are committed custodians of Goodwood and its Festival, the event is secure. It’s unique. and it’s a lot more about old petrol automobiles than the new petrol versions soon be banned from our showrooms. That’s why FoS is safe.

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