Local car meets are the best!

It had been a while considering that I went to one of these things and I’m so glad I did. The Queen Square Bristol breakfast Club meets every second Sunday and has some brilliant cars show up. It’s amazing the type of stuff you find out when gathering with other car nuts and talking transmissions, mods, engines, and just cars in general. I don’t indicate to sound sappy but it forms a bond that goes beyond race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender and all these other barriers humanity has created to separate us.

Walking into Queen Square just as the wintertime sun came up, the smell of fuel and oil, the rumble of engines and the barks of exhausts; I could go on about it but suffice it to say it felt wonderful. Besides the normal bunch of not-so-tastefully modded hatchbacks (mostly VW Golfs), there were some really cool cars displayed there. look through the gallery below:

Honda NSX (Image source: Author’s own)
Chevrolet Corvette (Image source: Author’s own)
Modded Mustang (Image source: Author’s own)
The owner and modder of this Porsche 924 is planning on making it into a sleeper by installing a tuned 350bhp 944 Turbo’s engine. (Image source: Author’s own)
Porsche 924 (Image source: Author’s own)
Porsche 924 with an Audi transmission mounted behind the rear axle for better weight distribution. (Image source: Author’s own)
The below video is hilarious! how do you attract attention away from an Aventador and an Aventador Roadster? install a really loud exhaust on your Clio!

So lots of terrific Mazda MX-5s! a lot of of them were first gen but even the NB does look good. (Image source: Author’s own)
The silly looking rims on these Golfs! (Image source: Author’s own)

There were a unusual number of Ferraris present like this beautiful 348. (Image source: Author’s own)
The BMW Z4 and Lotus Elise; both terrific roadsters in their own right. (Image source: Author’s own)
Two Caterham 7s basking in the Sunday morning sun. ( image source: Author’s own)
A well-preserved Lancia Delta. (Image source: Author’s own)
An old hot hatch, the Lotus Talbot. (Image source: Author’s own)

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