Audi TT to be axed in 2023 for ’emotional’, electric replacement

Audi’s style icon for a lot more than two decades, the TT, is set to be axed when production of its present generation ends in 2023 – as well as the cars and truck will be replaced by a new style of “emotional” design that will be larger, as well as might well have four doors.
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Audi’s senior administration team has been participated in heated discussions over the TT’s future for a lot more than three years.
As just recently as 2019, the company’s then-technical manager Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler explained that the brand was checking out different battery packaging to see if it might still offer a compact all-electric sports car.

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However, Rothenpieler’s successor, Oliver Hoffman, has now verified to automobile reveal that this option has been ruled out as well as suggested that Audi will utilize the switch to an all-electric cars and truck to rethink the positioning of its smaller sports model.
“We want to add some extremely emotional cars and trucks to our portfolio,” Hoffman said, “and we have some truly great concepts. however a direct follower for the TT is not the answer. We can’t just state ‘We’ll do the TT in an electric way.’ Frankly speaking, to have a TT with a battery is not simple to handle.
“Instead, we are asking: ‘What are the ideal emotional cars and trucks for us at Audi?’ as well as we want to fascinate. With the TT we shocked our customers. They said: ‘What is this?’ There was no demand for a TT when we introduced it. as well as this is what we want to do again, to surprise our customers. 
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