Kia introduces £2,000 scrappage plan

Kia has introduced its own scrappage plan in the UK, offering £2,000 to drivers trading in their old vehicle for a new Kia Picanto or Rio.
The plan is already offered at Kia dealerships across the UK as well as runs up until December 2017. vehicles traded in must be over seven years old, as well as the £2,000 flat charge is on top of other Kia incentives offered.
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The offer needs no special measures by owners – as long as the owner details of the old vehicle match that of the new vehicle the £2,000 reward is guaranteed. All vehicles traded in will be scrapped.
Kia stated it expects to offer at least 4,500 Picantos as well as Rios up until the end of the year. It estimates that if each of the designs replaces a seven-year-old vehicle carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 1.6 metric tonnes over a similar period of ownership.
Kia’s president as well as chief executive Paul Philpott said: “A number of scrappage schemes – many applying only to bigger designs with higher discharge levels – have been introduced recently, however the Kia seven year switch scrappage plan is simple as well as simple to understand. It applies to all versions of the low-emission Picanto as well as Rio varieties as well as is guaranteed as long as the purchaser of the new vehicle is likewise the owner of the vehicle being scrapped.”
Would £2,000 off your old vehicle be sufficient reward to trade it in for a new Rio or Picanto? let us understand below…

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