Exclusive: “no plans” for new UK cars and truck scrappage plan

The government has verified there are “no present plans” for a new scrappage plan that would motivate people to trade older, more polluting cars and trucks in for new electric ones.
A spokesperson for the government told auto Express: “We have no present plans to modification the existing incentives or to introduce a scrappage scheme. We are dedicated to building a greener deliver system as well as reducing carbon emissions to reach our goal of web zero by 2050.”

Post-coronavirus subsidies for non-electric cars and trucks would be a waste, states Volvo boss

The government likewise highlighted it has invested £2.5 billion into EV advancement as well as incentives, such as the £3,000 plug-in cars and truck grant.
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Previous reports had suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson was because of reveal a £6,000 EV scrappage plan this July, however ministers quickly poured water on these rumours. Now, the government has officially ruled out any type of such scheme.
While no explicit reason was given, possible explanations include the likely expense implications of an effective scheme, in addition to whether there is the public appetite for costs in this area provided the depths of the economic difficulties post-Covid Britain is facing.
Critics also point out scrappage schemes are fairly wasteful, eliminating serviceable cars and trucks from the road and making cars and trucks for young drivers harder to discover and more expensive. Others, though, suggest such schemes stimulate the economy, also as manufacturing as well as employment, while likewise motivating the uptake of cleaner vehicles.

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