V90 estate: one of nine new Volvo designs in next five years

Volvo has verified a overall of nine all-new designs will be introduced in the next five years, starting with the new Volvo XC90.
The nine designs will line up across three varieties – 90, 60 as well as 40 – with three versions in each variety – S, V as well as XC. Volvo states that the 90 designs will offer sophistication, 60 designs will be more dynamic as well as 40s are more about fun. As far as the pillars are concerned, S equals elegance, V elegance as well as functionality, while XC means fine-tuned strength.
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Following the XC90 SUV will be the S90 replacement for the S80 saloon, set to rival the Audi A6, BMW 5 series as well as Jaguar XF. This design was originally set to be introduced before the XC90, however the decision was made to switch three years ago.
A V90 estate will follow, before interest is relied on the S60, V60 as well as XC60. Finally, towards the end of the decade, the V40 will be replaced while an XC40 infant SUV will be added together with an S40 little saloon.
Key to the new designs are Volvo’s new modular platform technologies as well as engine line-up. The XC90 debuts the medical spa big platform as well as a variety of four-cylinder diesel as well as petrol Drive-E engines. The medical spa design will likewise underpin all future 90 as well as 60 models.

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