Polestar Re:Move concept unveiled as last-mile delivery scooter

Polestar has unveiled a new electric scooter concept at this year’s Munich motor Show, called the Re:Move. 
It was developed as a much more sustainable alternative to petrol-powered mopeds for city-based delivery services and is pitched as a service to the surging increase in online shopping.
Like its car manufacturing processes, Polestar sought to make the Re:Move’s environmental impact as low as possible. So, the scooter’s chassis is made from low-carbon aluminium, which was produced using renewable energy – and it’s also completely recyclable.

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The scooter is powered by a 2.2kWh battery pack and a compact electric motor, which provides a top speed of 15mph. The powertrain also has enough torque to haul a maximum payload of 180kg on the load area between the front and rear wheels.
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Polestar also enlisted the help of the electric motorbike manufacturer, Cake, to help with the development of the Re:Move’s handling. The rear swing arm is damped for a little much more rider comfort, there’s disc brakes for some added safety and the chassis has a distinct tilting mechanism, which allows the scooter to lean into corners, which Polestar says improves stability.

The scooter is also only 750mm wide, which Polestar says makes it ideally suited to travelling along cycle lanes or threading through narrow urban streets. It comes with always-on lighting, too, as well as brake lights, a horn and optional indicators, all helping to improve safety.
Bjørn Kjetil Mauritzen, Head of Sustainability at Hydro (the project’s aluminium supplier), said: “To stay within the 1.5-degree Paris agreement target, we need fewer fossil-fuel cars on the streets, but we ought to also be striving to decrease emissions and harmful particulates in the air. 
“Re:Move is not only a low maintenance car with an electric powertrain, but it’s also fully recyclable and uses low carbon aluminium that is made with renewable energy.”
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