Fast as well as Furious online 2018: behind the scenes

As far as vehicle films go, it’s difficult to suggest against the success of the quick & Furious franchise. It’s 16 years considering that the original motion picture came out, with universal Studios having wrapped up its eighth iteration earlier this year. 
Now the franchise is about to be reformed when again, this time around in a spectacular online show taking location in January at the O2 Arena in London. automobile reveal spent a long time behind the scenes, speaking to a few of the drivers, choreographers as well as producers of the show to get a sense of what to expect from quick & Furious Live.
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Although the event will take location at the O2 Arena, we’ve come to the old army barracks at Cottesmore, Oakham, east Midlands, where a few of the rehearsals are taking place. The online event is the brainchild of Rowland French, whose CV includes the development of the top gear online show after a stint as producer on the BBC television series. 
French tells us that quick & Furious online has been in advancement for a lot more than four years, with the team producing a brand new storyline with a medium he phone calls ‘live automotive theatre’. Although the show’s style will be fresh, French verified fans of the films will be able to area bits from the different movies.

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