Speeding motorists could get warnings instead of fines

Speeding motorists could soon be given written warnings instead of speeding tickets under new plans from police Scotland.
The proposals would see motorists caught speeding by police officers in 20 as well as 30mph zones given a written warning, which would expire with no action after three months if no additionally speeding offences were committed in that time. Motorists caught speeding once again within three months would receive points as well as a fine.
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The system would not be applied to motorists caught by speed cameras, as well as those receiving a alerting would not have to tell their insurance company. Estimates put the number of motorists who would qualify for a alerting at 18,000 each year.
Police Scotland’s head of road policing, chief Superintendent Stewart Carle, told The Scottish Mail on Sunday: “If you have an opportunity to say ‘Speeding is one of four fatal aspects as well as we’re not going to prosecute on this occasion, we’re not going to give you a fine, will you accept this warning?’, I think a lot of people will say ‘Yes, absolutely’.” Carle said such an method would enable prosecuting authorities to focus on a lot more severe cases.
Police Scotland are likewise said to be considering the introduction of speed understanding courses, which are used in England to motorists caught breaking limits by certain amounts, but are not offered north of the border.
If given the green light by Scotland’s Crown office prosecution service, the alerting system could be in place within a year. A Crown office spokesman cautioned, however, that “no decision will be made on… speed understanding courses as well as their possible relationship with alternatives such as warnings until the findings of the examination report have been considered.”
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