Range Rover Velar updated for 2021 with much more technology

Land Rover has given the range Rover Velar a minor update for 2021, adding some new technology and updating the car’s spread of cosmetic options. The revised SUV is available to purchase in the UK now, priced from £45,925.
New for the Velar is Land Rover’s Cabin Air Purification plus system, which improves on the filtration capabilities of the old model’s Cabin Air Ionisation setup.

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In addition to filtering particles measuring down to 2.5 microns out of the interior air, the system now monitors the level of CO2 inside the car and automatically ventilates the cabin if levels get too high. Land Rover says this could improve occupant wellbeing, decrease drowsiness and help avoid accidents through fatigue.
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Air quality can be managed through a new pre-conditioning function. This uses the cooling fans to circulate and revitalize the air in the cabin before the chauffeur reaches the car. The system can be programmed using the infotainment system.
On the topic of infotainment, Land Rover has also added over-the-air updates for the Velar’s touchscreen. The first update will add support for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and it’s expected to reach cars later this year.
The benefit technology is supported by a little extra safety technology, such as a standard-fit rear-view video camera and a new adaptive cruise control system with steering assist. The latter function comes as standard on HSE models and can assume control of the car’s steering, throttle and brakes on the motorway with the driver’s supervision.

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