“The network of chargepoints is nowhere near keeping up with the sales of electric cars”

The motor industry establishment officially calls them ‘standard’ or ‘slow/fast’ public chargepoints. exciting they ain’t. but they’re important in automobile parks, on streets, at supermarkets and elsewhere. These are the humble machines and the modest places that really could make or break electric automobiles for the masses. but we’re not seeing enough of such chargers. They’re needed in far greater numbers… sharpish.
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Fact is, the network of conventional public chargepoints in the UK is nowhere near keeping up with the rise in sales of electric or electrified vehicles. for that reason the ‘system’ is less able to cope today than, say, a year ago. Shockingly, in 2021 there are far fewer slow/fast chargers per plug-in car than there were in 2020.

Gridserve announces raft of new motorway electric automobile charging hubs

Over many of southern England and much of the north, practically 50 plug-in cars are expected to share just one public charge point. Britain’s ratio of plug-in automobiles to conventional public chargers has lately ‘deteriorated’ so alarmingly that of the leading EV markets in Europe and Asia, the UK now ranks as ‘one of the worst’. These aren’t my facts, figures and direct quotes. They’re from a fed-up society of motor producers and Traders (SMMT), which is best to raise the problem, and point accusing fingers at our Government, plus the sleepy vehicle-charging industry. Both are failing to keep pace with plug-in automobile sales volumes, which are in impolite health.

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