Copart opens a new lounge zone in Russia

Auto auctions COPART represent the opening of the next, but
The first lounge zone for Russia. This platform is located in St. Petersburg and is managed.
Authorized Representative Copart in Russia – Car Quote Master. Copart Lounge Zone in St. Petersburg is the perfect place to purchase cars
Your unique needs.

What’s happened
Copart Lounge Zone?

In Copart Lunes, you can buy your favorite brands and models of cars in the United States, without trying to independently engage in the purchase process. The Copart Lounge Zone in St. Petersburg improves customer service, offering:

– Access to
Full car Copart catalog
– service from door to doors
– Simplified payment
– Financing services
– Briefing and consulting
– delivery and customs

Want to experience the lounge zone service? Sign up for consultation today.

Come to us at:

Business Center “Parvarter”
Introduction Channel 7, office 104,
St. Petersburg, Russia 190013

Contact the nearest Copart Lounge Zone for more information.

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