Majority of drivers believe motorway web traffic is getting worse

drivers believe Britain’s motorway network is more congested now than it was a year ago, according to a new survey. Over 1,700 people responded to the poll, as well as of these, 61 per cent felt motorway web traffic is worse now than it was at the exact same stage in 2016.
Those results are in line with official stats from the department for deliver (DfT), who reported that 323.7 billion miles were driven on UK roads last year, up 2.2 per cent on 2015 figures.
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• Traffic jams costing UK economic climate £9bn annually
According to the poll, brought out by the RAC, drivers have a remove concept of what should be performed in order to deal with motorway traffic. almost half (48 per cent) want tougher rules introduced to deal with lorries overtaking each other, while 47 per cent stated they felt roadworks were a major cause of congestion. 45 per cent mentioned drivers hogging the middle lane as one more cause behind congestion.
Away from the UK’s 2,300-mile motorway network, 58 per cent of respondents to the survey felt high-speed dual-carriageways as well as metropolitan A roads had ended up being more congested over the last 12 months. 55 per cent stated web traffic on metropolitan B roads as well as other metropolitan roads had likewise got worse.

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